Sirchade Sigil

Sirchade SigilORIGIN UnknownPURPOSE Can assist with the ability to control animals of all types. Sirchade can teach you how to create an amulet that would work to keep dangerous animals away from you.APPEARANCE Sirchade has the head of a dog, with wings like a bat, and scales covering its body. Its mouth is very long,… Continue reading Sirchade Sigil

Seere Sigil

Seere SigilORIGIN Unknown PrincePURPOSE Can assist with gathering information from any where on the Planet and even remote viewing. He is very helpful and one of the friendliest non-angelic entities that you can work with.APPEARANCE A well dressed man with jewels that rides a white horse with wings.

Purson Sigil

Purson SigilORIGIN UnknownPURPOSE Can predict the near future with amazing accuracy, but mostly for random events, rarely answering specific questions about the future. Can also teach you fascinating history about ancient people and their civilization.APPEARANCE A man with a lion’s head carrying a snake in his right hand and rides a large, black bear.

Nemod Sigil

Nemod SigilORIGIN UnknownPURPOSE Sometimes people or even spirits may not tell the truth, Nemod teaches simple yet effective methods for finding the truth in any situation.APPEARANCE A completely expressionless bald, old man that wears a silver robe.

Naberius Sigil

Naberius SigilORIGIN UnknownPURPOSE Can assist with learning arts and sciences. If you are studying to pass a test, Naberius is one of the best spirits to work with.APPEARANCE A black long-legged and long-necked crane.

Minoson Sigil

Minoson SigilORIGIN UnknownPURPOSE After evoking him, wearing his charged sigil when gambling will make it more likely for you to win. He is a master of all types of statistics and probability that can assist you during certain games of chance.APPEARANCE A man with a large bald head and round blue eyes. He wears no… Continue reading Minoson Sigil

Marbas Sigil

Marbus SigilORIGIN UnknownPURPOSE Can find and fix the underlying source of flaws in both humans and material objects. If you command him to cure a sick person with a disease, the afflicted person has reported dreaming about a friendly lion and waking up feeling much better. Besides from healing humans, Marbas is also very knowledgeable… Continue reading Marbas Sigil

Hiepacth Sigil

Hiepacth SigilORIGIN UnknownPURPOSE Can assist with finding a missing person if you have an object that used to belong to that person. However if the person is hiding on purpose and has a good reason for privacy, Hiepacth may not answer you directly or give you a riddle instead.APPEARANCE A dark skinned woman with long… Continue reading Hiepacth Sigil

Forneus Sigil

Forneus SigilORIGINUnknownPURPOSEHelps an individual master any foreign language in a shorter period of time.APPEARANCENot pleasant to look at, a large aquatic creature with big eyes, scales and gills on the neck, and a fin on its back.